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Monday, August 29

Trump, Clinton, or Apathy?

This presidential election just keeps getting crazier and crazier. Both sides keep slinging mud and neither seems willing to talk about what he or she plans to do if elected. Trump and his cronies continue to shoot themselves in the foot with one crazy tweet or another, one crazy background detail after another. Clinton keeps dodging the e-mail flap and the Benghazi fiasco, keeps trying to evade the accusations of her lying. Just over two months to go before we can vote . . . or not vote. Both candidates are being painted with darker and darker hues. Like I said, crazier and crazier. And more and more painful at the thought of either of them in the Oval Office. What on earth are we going to do? What must the rest of the world think of us? These are the two best candidates for our presidency? We may finally get to see what Trump seems to be hiding in his unreleased tax information. We may get to hear what their plans are if they ever get around to any debates. Meanwhile, a lot of us may simply do like Calvin and not vote for either of them, choosing apathy over Trump or Clinton.
Books, anyone?
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