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Monday, August 22

Olympics Finale

I seem to be suffering from OW—Olympics Withdrawal. I’ve really loved this Rio version of the Games, but my eyes, my mind, and my butt were all ready for the finale last night. I and most of the rest of the world would probably agree that these Games exceeded our expectations. Thank you, Rio, for giving us the breathtaking views of your city, your beaches, your Sugarloaf and your Christ the Redeemer. And thank you especially for the athletic venues you built and the drama those venues provided. The only shadow on these Games was the Lochte fiasco, which showed the world another version of the Ugly American, the arrogant American who thumbs his nose at authority. Some of what the Games gave us in displays of sportsmanship among competitors was negated by Lochte’s juvenile destruction of the restroom facilities and then his lies about what really happened and his half-hearted apology for that behavior. Why couldn’t he just man-up and offer a real apology to Rio and Brazil for what he’d done? But despite the Lochte debacle, we had many moments to remember and cherish—Usain Bolt’s dazzling speed and equally dazzling smile, Simone Bile’s gymnastic excellence and interview elegance and charm, Michael Phelps' incredible return to his fourth Games, Gwen Jorgensen’s triathlon win, Ashton Eaton’s decathlon win, and, of course, the men’s and women’s medal winners in golf after more than a hundred years’ absence. Golf is a game ready made for the Olympics, with gracious and honest competitors who, to a man and woman, were so very grateful to be part of the Olympic dream. And what drama both divisions gave us on a course that was perfect for both the men’s and women’s games and allowed for that drama. How we loved seeing Justin Rose celebrating his win for Great Britain. How we loved finally getting to see an Inbee Park smile when she made that final putt and later accepted the gold for the Republic of South Korea. I’m sure those golfers who chose not to take part in these Games now regret their choice and will be more than willing to go to Tokyo in 2020. I have a question about the American women’s choice of garb for their rounds. Why did they all choose to wear those sleeveless tops for round one? Stacy Lewis’s shoulders looked like they’d never seen the light of day. And then Lexi Thompson and Gerina Piller took it a step further the next day with exposed shoulders. Sorry, ladies, but those weren’t very attractive outfits.

The finale in the stadium was spectacular. Even the light rain couldn’t dampen the enthusiasm of the participants. What a show! What a wonderful tribute to the people of Brazil, and the coming together of people from all over the globe to celebrate our shared humanity. And, thank the heavens, no acts of terrorism.

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