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Sunday, March 7

Double-Dactyl, Rondelet, and Cinquain

One more little bit of poetic forms and then I’m done. These first two are called double dactyls because of the rhythm, dactylic, which goes accented and two unaccented in a three-syllable rhythm. The first line must say “higgledy-piggledy” and the second line must refer to a real person’s name. Englebert Humperdink always comes to mind when I’m searching for usable names. It must have two stanzas and lines 1, 2, and 3 consist of two feet of dactyls; line 4 gets truncated by eliminating the final two unaccented syllables. Simple, right? Okay, try your hand at one.
A Duo of Double-Dactyls

Thomas A. Edison
Dreamed up the phono as
Well as the light.

Thanks to his genius e-
We can read labels of
Records at night.
* * * * * * * * *
Euclid Geometer
Pained by the asking of
“What is the use

Studying doctrines so
Answered acutely, “Oh,
Don’t be obtuse!”

I’ll let this next one explain itself. Note the line length, the rhyme pattern, and the repeating of phrases. It’s called a Rondelet, because of the way it circles around an idea.

I never meant
For you to go. The thing you heard
I never meant
For you to hear. The night you went
Away I knew our whole absurd
Sweet world had fallen with a word
I never meant.

And finally, a Cinquain, by Clement Long.

She likes
To walk around
On Saturday afternoons
With absolutely nothing on
Her mind.

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