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Wednesday, March 31


One more week and we’ll see what kind of reception Tiger gets in Augusta. I think the whole world will tune in, many for the golf as we always do for this tournament, but many more just for the journalistic circus that will greet his entrance onto these hallowed grounds.

No one knows how Tiger will perform—perform in front of the media, perform on the golf course. Lots of speculation, lots of letters and articles written in support of him, lots written denigrating him as a thief, a liar, a sexual deviant. Even Vanity Fair got its view in, another of the sleazy articles concentrating on the bimbos in his life, all the details they portray as the absolute truth about his behavior in past years. I don’t know if there’s some truth to it, all truth to it, or all sensational lies about it. I don’t care. And I’d think that Vanity Fair would have had more class than to print the story. But then, NBC chose to run that other sleazy story on Dateline a month or so ago.

In one more week, I’ll be watching every Augusta moment. I’m still one of Tiger’s staunchest supporters of him as the greatest golfer ever to play the game, but also as a young man of integrity. I hope he wins another green jacket. I hope his resolve will let him win as many more majors as he has time to play over these next ten to fifteen years. I hope I live long enough to see it.

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