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Tuesday, March 2

Pet Peeves

This might be a good place to list a few of the things that really irritate me. And, as anyone who knows me could attest, it takes a lot to irritate me, being such an even-tempered guy. Okay, I've got three that stand out. 1. People, especially old people, who refuse to return shopping carts to the cart storage areas really tick me off. I’ve seen some perfectly healthy old man or woman shove a cart in between two nearby cars and leave it there, even when all they’d have to do is walk about ten steps to a storage area. 2. Local television stations that feel it’s imperative to interrupt regular scheduling to burst in with a news bulletin also irritate me. I mean, who but the people directly involved really cares about a house burning, or the state of affairs of various forest fires, or the results of a murder trial. That sort of news (if it’s even news) can wait until the regularly scheduled news. But no, it must be talked about, and talked about, and talked about right now. And then the traveling banner tells us what we’ve just seen, that “This has been a KOBS news bulletin. Stay tuned for further developments.” And the banner floats by not once but twice. 3. Drivers, especially young drivers, who go zip zip zip across lanes to pick up maybe one car length, risking their own lives and those of all the rest of us. I just want to smash into them from the rear and see how they react. They'd probably pull out a gun and shoot me. Where oh where are the police when they’re zip zip zipping, or when they’re rushing through a red light?

There, I feel much better now.

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