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Saturday, August 21

Big-Little Books

The days are flying by like the old movable comics when you’d flip the corners of the pages in a big-little book and watch the character do his thing. Big-little books. I wonder who even remembers what they were. They were about 3” x 3” printed on cheap pulp paper with a cardboard cover and back, maybe 100 to 150 pages. I can’t for the life of me remember what kind of stories they contained. Probably nothing very good. Maybe cheap Westerns or Sci-fi like Flash Gordon. I wonder what one would be worth now.

So I went searching on line and found: "A Big Little Book was typically 3⅝″ wide and 4½″ high, with 212 to 432 pages making an approximate thickness of 1½″. The interior book design usually displayed full-page black-and-white illustrations on the right side, facing the pages of text on the left. Stories were often related to radio programs (The Shadow), comic strips (The Gumps), children's books (Uncle Wiggily), novels (John Carter of Mars) and movies (Bambi). Later books of the series had interior color illustrations. First published in December 1932."

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