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Friday, August 13


I’m a seven-season fan of SYTYCD, and this season didn’t disappoint. Any one of the final three—Kent, Lauren, or Robert—were worthy of winning, and I think that any of them would have won any of the previous seasons. I thought Kent would win Season 7, but I wasn’t unhappy to see Lauren get it.

Overall, I love the judges, love the stage, love the routines, especially love the costumes . . . hate the cheesiness of the front ten rows. I hate the phoniness of the staged screaming and oooing (is there someone actually directing them from the side as to when and how loud to squeal?), hate the arms-raised applause that looks way too much like the sea-anemone arms on American Idol. Why would Nigel Lythgoe, a class act, get talked into such classless additions to his classy show? Maybe next season he’ll come to his senses and dump those front ten rows.

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