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Wednesday, September 21

Bits & Pieces

2012 will be upon us before we know it. And the race for the presidency is heating up. Unless something dramatic happens to lower the unemployment rate and slow the economic slide, Barack Obama cannot win. And that leaves us with a bunch of odd ball Republicans, any one of whom could be our next president. I’m reasonably certain it will come down to Rick Perry and Mitt Romney duking it out for the honor of leading us into . . . what? Of the two, I’d rather see Romney win it. Rick Perry scares me nearly as much as Sarah Pallin scares me. Anyone who has doubts about the scientific veracity of evolution scares me. I know he isn’t among that group of creationists who believe in and support the Creation Museum in Kentucky (which suggests that Adam and Eve lived alongside dinosaurs only 6500 years ago), but he has stated that he thinks Intelligent Design should be taught in our public schools along with and equal to the theory of evolution. I thought we’d put that to bed with the Scopes trial nearly a century ago. Intelligent Design is fine as a religious concept, but it should be taught in some of our churches, not in our schools. I’m sure this will be brought up in future debates among the candidates, and we’ll see which side of his mouth he uses then. Or, as one of the characters in Dick Francis said, he only opens his mouth to change feet.

The new television season is here. We, along with millions of other curiosity seekers, watched the Sheen-less Two-and-a-Half Men. Ashton Kutcher may just save the show after all. I just hope they decide to forego all the humor based on farting, masturbation, and drunkenness. 2 Broke Girls (just the two of them equal the 2½ men) looked promising. Glee wasn’t as gleeful as in the first two seasons, but maybe it will get better. Sue Sylvester has begun to grate on my senses, like nails on a blackboard, even though I’ve loved Jane Lynch in her roles in The Forty Year-Old Virgin, Julie and Julia, and Two-and-a-Half Men. Hated her as the mc for the Emmy Awards. Who in the world talked her into wearing those hideous gowns? New Girl, with Zooey Deschanel, looks as promising as 2 Girls. We’ll see. And Unforgettable was very close to forgettable, and Poppy Montgomery may just get lost “Without a Trace.” I’m skipping over all the reality shows because I just don’t want to watch them. I know a bunch of people tuned in to Dancing with the Stars just to see how Chaz Bono would do, but when I watch people dance, I want to watch people who can really dance. That’s why I’m one of the minority viewers of So You Think You Can Dance.

Now I'm looking forward to Harry's Law, CSI (How will Ted Danson do?), The Big Bang Theory, Person of Interest, and The Mentalist.

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