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Sunday, September 18

Tough Guy

I'd like you to meet Tough Guy. You like him? You better . . . or else.

I have so much free time on my hands that I constantly fiddle around with pictures to use as my computer wallpaper. Tough Guy is my latest.

I seem to be in the minority in my review of Contagion. Lots of people who wrote in to Rotten Tomatoes said they really liked it, found it more frightening than Psycho. Well, I guess being reminded of how susceptible we all are to another bubonic plague or some equally ugly virus is certainly frightening. But I still need a plot to get it across. Ah well, there must be better films just down the road. Here's what one responder on Rotten Tomatoes had to say: "Contagion is a strong film to kick off the end of summer . . . just make sure you know who you're sharing your popcorn with!" And, I might add, try not to touch too many door knobs.

Hey, readers, I need more readers. Could you recommend me to any friends or acquaintances? I'd appreciate it. I realize it's only punctuated graffiti, but I think I have my moments . . . and a few funny bits, and maybe even a few insightful comments.

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