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Friday, September 23

Danaeism & New TV

Rick Perry and Danae seem to be on the same page, not the newspaper page, same page philosophically. Flexible dogma, indeed.

Quick comment about the Thursday tv shows. The Big Bang Theory remains funny, with Sheldon as oc as ever, obsessing over a chair that Penny has found abandoned on the street, obsessing about all the germs and other beasties that may be inhabiting the chair. And Leonard is trying unsuccessfully to carry on sexually with Priya via Skype. Funny people, funny show. Then there's the premiere of Person of Interest, which I found personally uninteresting. Jim Caviezel (best known for his portrayal of Christ in The Passion of the Christ) teams with Michael Emerson (the creepy fellow in Lost, equally creepy here) to prevent crimes before they happen. An interesting premise, but this first episode had too many holes in the logic. I can't see it lasting any more than this first season, maybe into the toilet even sooner.

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