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Saturday, September 10


We’re on the eve of the tenth anniversary of one of the most awful moments in our history, the day when two planes were flown deliberately into the two towers in New York City. And all of us are sitting around today, fearful of what some group of fanatics might come up with to underscore our agony. Granted, New York or Washington could be the site of such an attack, but I think the security measures there would prevent it. Why, though, wouldn’t an Al-Qaeda cell somewhere in the United States consider any act that could kill a large number of Americans as being nearly as effective as an attack on New York or Washington? Consider the possibilities: a biological assault on the water supply of any region, large or small; blowing up a dam at one of the larger reservoirs, like any of those built on the Missouri River, with billions of gallons of water surging across the inhabitants below; one or more truck bombs driven into any large building where several thousand people might be located, or even into a stadium hosting an NFL game tomorrow; a group of six or more suicidal fanatics, armed with assault weapons, targeting any large gathering of people tomorrow (football game, baseball game, pop concert, political rally, Mall of America, Disney World, etc.) and indiscriminately killing as many as possible; bombing any of our national treasures, a blow not necessarily against a large number of people, but a blow to our national pride—Mount Rushmore, the Golden Gate Bridge, Old Faithful, the St. Louis Gateway Arch, Mount Vernon or Monticello, the Carlsbad Caverns.

Let’s hope and pray such a fanatic group would be unable to pull off any of the above possibilities. Let’s hope and pray our increased security measures can successfully guard us against any such attack.

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