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Monday, September 3

Cell Phone Throw & Election

I just saw that a young Finn, Ere Karjalainen, had won the world mobile-phone throw with a record- setting 332’ 9” toss. I didn’t know there was such an event, but I applaud it. I think it should be included in the Olympics in Rio in 2016. I wonder if there’s more than one category, like one for the old-fashioned cell phone and one for the larger, flatter I-phone. I can just see the flat one being launched across water to see how many times it would skip. Maybe that could be a separate event, counting the water skips. Maybe there should be one to see how far contestants can throw compulsive texters and automobile cell phone users. I’d really applaud that one.

The Democrats converge in Charlotte tomorrow to cheer on their presidential hopeful. According to recent polls, Romney and Obama are tied at 45%. But there should be a modest bump in Obama’s camp after the convention. I really believe that he’ll win in November because of Michelle Obama. Nearly as much as her husband, she is a great speaker and a very charming person. She’ll be the one who will sway the women voters still on the fence. Two months to go. I’m weary of this long, drawn out process and can’t wait for it to be over. I’m sure most of us are. Of all rest of this campaign, I’m looking forward to the debates. I don’t see how Romney can win any points in a faceoff with Obama. That shouldn’t be what we use to decide our vote, but it often is. In a past before up-close-and-personal television, we had to make up our minds on what we knew or what the newspapers told us, but almost never until JFK did we cast our vote on how the candidates looked or spoke. We live in a new world where money and appearance count for more than substance.

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