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Tuesday, September 11

September 11

Tuesday, September 11, 2012. The eleventh anniversary of that awful event in New York when the Twin Towers went down. The new World Trade Center has one tower completed and the second, the Freedom Tower, scheduled to be completed in 2014. Our resilience after the attack in 2001 amazes me. Our dedication to see that nothing like it ever again happens amazes me. I hope most of the rest of the world notes our resilience and dedication and applauds us. And how do we stand with terrorists now? It seems to me that we’re much more alert and that the terrorist groups are much weaker. Can we afford to sit back and relax? Not on your life, not on all our lives. The world economy is about the only thing we need to worry about, and the next decade will probably show our economy and the world’s economy springing back. I hope so. I hope I live long enough to see peace in the world. I hope the world allows that to happen.

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