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Friday, October 26

600 & Argo

This is my 600th post. That’s a lot of words spilled out on this bloggy desert, most of which were sucked down into the sand without leaving a mark. I should be used to that, having five novels also sinking without a ripple. Poor me. But if I weren’t writing, I’d be dead. So I guess I’ll keep on plugging away, sending out misguided missiles, hoping to find a target every now and then.

Quick comment about Ben Affleck’s Argo. Amazing how the tension built throughout, even though the audience knew the outcome from the very beginning. A very good movie despite the fact that the story may have fudged on the amount of U.S. involvement and downplayed the amount of Canadian involvement in the exfiltration of the six Americans from a manic Iran. It was also a frightening portrayal of the horror of the mob beast that stormed the embassy. Good movie, although maybe not as good as the reviewers made it out to be. I’d be surprised if it won any Oscars. It did, however, give us a likely catchphrase for the next year or two—“Argofuckyourself!”

A side note about bumper humping. BC has the final say. And, yes, it’s a bit unpleasant.

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