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Wednesday, October 31

Halloween & Orderly House

Halloween, 2012. Good riddance. And in six days, the election of one or the other. And then, good riddance to the election and the negative campaign ads. I no longer care which one wins, but I’m still guessing that Barack Obama will be serving another four years. I hope those four years are better than the last four. We’ll see.

And what have I been doing this past week? Rearranging my back room where I have my computer. I carted away all the books I no longer wanted, took out one of the tall bookcases I was using as a wall to hide my workplace, unhooked all the stuff I have attached to my computer and removed the hardware so I could pull out my cumbersome desk, took the desk apart and hauled its remains to the garage, spent a painful four hours putting together a new desk, much smaller than the old, moved all my books out to the edge of my driveway and stacked them onto tables for the drive-by public to see and respond to a FREE BOOKS sign. I left the books out there for three days and got rid of about a third of them. Then I called Benevilla, a senior help center that was having a book sale, and offered them my leftovers. They came and took away all of them, some three or four hundred books. Good riddance. Now I have a back room that actually looks like a room again. And I’m body-weary from all the unaccustomed labor. But I’m mentally happy with the change. Just another step in the process of putting my life in order, simplifying my life. Henry David Thoreau would be proud of me.

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