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Wednesday, July 24

No News

Very little worth writing about these days. The weather around the country is still strange and stinky . . . or should that be “sticky?” We’ve had one haboob and one torrential rain here in the Valley, and the monsoon season has our Arizona air really hot and sticky . . . or should that be “stinky?” Enough of sticky stinky weather.

The world is enthralled by the arrival of Kate and William’s yet-to-be-named baby boy (ah ha, I just heard it's George. Surprise, surprise). And the Brits are going gaga over the arrival. I guess I’m conflicted about the idea of a monarchy in this day and age. It’s such an outmoded idea. What exactly does the royal family do? It’s not as though Queen Elizabeth and those that will follow her to the throne rule anything or govern anything. They’re just figureheads representing the past glory of the British Empire. Even that word strikes me as vainglorious—Empire—although I’m sure the rest of the world would view the United States as a kind of vainglorious empire. But our kings and queens are elected, not born to the throne.

I’m also conflicted about the concept of a Catholic Pope. He (or someday she?) serves the same purpose as a king or queen—sort of a figurehead of past glory, in this case that of the Catholic Church. I guess I just don’t understand the need or the desire to worship a figurehead, whether it’s a queen or a king or a new-born prince or a newly elected pope. Someday, in the near or distant future, we’ll see the end of both. These comments will probably raise the ire of a few Brits and a few Catholics. Or a boatload of Brits and a carload of Catholics. But I’m too old to care if I’ve offended anyone. Let me know if you’re offended or if you agree with me. I’d be delighted to hear from either side.
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