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Tuesday, July 16

Tiger Update

Rosalie took Tiger to the doctor and even he couldn’t figure out what was wrong. After extensive tests (expensive as well as extensive)—blood draw, three x-rays, temp taken, thyroid exam, infusion of fluids, and a shot to calm him (Tiger, not the vet)—Rosalie brought him home (Tiger, not the vet). The x-rays didn’t show any kind of break or injury. Now we have to wait to hear the results of the blood tests to see if that explains what was wrong. I’m happy to report that by evening he was able to walk . . . a little drunkenly, but walk nevertheless. And today he’s able to roam his new digs without all that mournful squealing he’d done at first. I’m also happy to report that Charlie and Squeakie have now decided to accept them . . . although a bit grudgingly. Give them all more time and I’m sure they’ll be buddies forever. I hope so. And we’re hoping that whatever affliction Tiger had is now past and he’ll be able to grow up healthy and strong. Isn’t that what we want for all our children, cats and dogs and humans?
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