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Tuesday, July 9

Sketch Surprise

I had an unusual morning. Rosalie and I drove to the Kia dealer on 91st to have our annual maintenance on the car. We sat in the waiting room, Rosalie with a magazine and I with the latest Sandford Prey book (I never go anywhere without a book). A bearded man was sitting against a wall facing me, engaged in some kind of hand business with what looked like an I-Pad. Another game player, I thought, or a texter busy with messages to anyone who’d listen to or read it. Just before our car was ready, the man got up to leave.
And he handed me a pencil drawing of me, showing me intently reading my book. I was amazed and pleased, flattered that he found me worth his while. No one had ever before thought enough of how I looked to spend half an hour doing a portrait of me, albeit in pencil and hastily done. I thanked him and he handed me his business card,
the self-portrait on one side, his website and e-mail addresses on the other. Interesting man. You should check out his website and view some of the paintings he’s done.
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