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Thursday, September 17

President Obama has been in office for less than a year now and he's getting grief from too many aggrieved Republicans, for his stimulus plan, which seems to be working even though we still have way too much unemployment; for his health care plan, some form of which just plain has to be passed. But also for his personal attributes. Too many laughingly refer to the Black House, his new residence, too many dislike his propensity for hugging instead of handshaking, too many think he's unreasonably friendly instead of grim, too many think he's too youthfully naive to run a nation as large as ours, too many dislike his oratorical style (yet he's probably the best speaker since Reagan). In too many cases, they're simply objecting to his blackness. And now, even former President Jimmy Carter is getting lambasted for actually suggesting that too many of our citizens still don't think a black man is capable of running this country. I guess we need this generation of seniors to die before we can actually be rid of the remnants of redneckism. We've come a very long way in race relations in the last two hundred years, but we still have a long way to go.

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