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Sunday, September 27

We watch commercials because there's little we can do except watch them. Or use them for potty breaks or drink breaks. And we can always record programs and then watch them later, fast forwarding through the numerous timeouts for sales pitches. And we do that quite often. But still, when we can't do any of the above, we suffer through commercial time. The very most obnoxious of them are the Altel commercials with the irritating Chad. They seem to run them five or six times an hour. Then there are the very best of them, like the Target spots that always seem to be fresh and new and cleverly done. And, of course, the Geico commercials. I never really understood the Caveman theme, but at least they're varied enough not to be boring. The same for the stack of money with eyeballs atop, clever and varied. Then there's the iconic figure of the Geiko Gecko. He ranks right up there for all-time honors with the EverReady Rabbit and the Aflac duck. Rosalie is so in love with the Gecko (Is he British or Australian?) that I went on-line to find one I could buy for her. And I found one. How does he look?

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