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Sunday, September 13

Tiger gave the field a golf lesson yesterday, a nine-under 62 that gave him a seven shot lead going into today. Ho hum. There won't be much suspense in this round. But, naturally, I'll watch it. I keep telling people it's like watching history. I have the opportunity to see the best golfer who ever played the game, and I'm not going to miss a shot. Some of my friends complain about how the commentators praise Tiger's skill, especially Johnny Miller, who, they say, simply gushes over Tiger's prowess. Yeah, he does tend to gush, but his remarks are pretty accurate once you ignore the idolatry.

And the NFL takes off today. The Cardinals are playing the 49ers, a game that could turn into a bloodbath. I just hope the Cardinals don't start out looking like they did in the middle of last season, just awful.

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