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Wednesday, September 23

Today was another windy one, maybe not quite as strong as yesterday, but close. Another not-so-fun day on the golf course. I play bad enough on nice days, I don't need twenty-mile-an-hour winds to make it even worse.

I have nothing new to say so I'll insert something I wrote a few months ago.

My Royalty check for "All Over You," the song I recorded on the album above. $12.36, whew, and I don't know how to spend it all. I feel bad about the way it was recorded, because it missed almost entirely the double meaning intended. Instead, it was done as a straight country, guitar and twang and all. Check out the lyrics: "You said you’d never leave me, And I bought that old lie. When you walked out, believe me, I wanted to cry, but I didn’t. I thought I would die, but I didn’t, And if I can only make it For one more day or two, I know I’ll be all over you. You said you’d always love me. I heard you solemnly swear By all the stars above me You’d never leave, but you did it. I wanted to grieve, but I hid it, And if I can only make it For one more day or two, I know I’ll be all over you. All over you, all over you, It just takes time Before I’m mine again— Another month, a year or two That’s all it takes Until I’m fine again. You said we’d last forever, You never meant a word. You said we’d be together, Our love would last, but it didn’t. We’d hold on fast, but we didn’t, And if I can only make it For one more day or two, I know I’ll be all over you. But if after all you’ve said You come crawling back into my bed, Am I gonna let you back in it? What do you think I’ll do? I’ll let you back in in a minute, And then I know I’ll be all over you."

Just another of my songs that only I will ever hear as I intended it.

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