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Thursday, December 3

Chad and Dance

I watch tv commercials with one eye, but I usually pay attention to the good ones, if only for their cleverness, usually not for the product. For example, Target has had one of the best sets of commercials on the tube, never repeating an ad to a vomitous degree, always clever, always using red to signal what commercial you were watching. The Geico commercials are also some of the best, although I don’t know why they persist with the Cave Man album. I would think the Gecko would be a much better bet. And speaking of vomitous degree, my one eye has noticed a wonderful lack of Alltel commercials with that really irritating Chad and his four equally irritating nerdish pals. I wonder why. Did Alltel go under? Or did the five of them get better acting jobs? In either case, goodbye and good riddance.

Last night we watched the final ten on So You Think You Can Dance find out which of them would be voted out. The five ladies were all very good and neither Rosalie nor I could figure out which would get the axe. It came down to Noelle and Kathryn, both of whom were praised highly by the judges, and Kathryn was the one to go. With the men it was easier. Both of us were hoping that pouty-boy Nathan would be out and he was. Two other comments about this results show: Cat Deeley came out in a really ugly outfit, sort of a short short combination beige and black with puffy black sleeves. Looked as awful as Cat can look (and she still looks pretty good in almost any outfit); the first guest act was a dance troupe called The Legion of Extraordinary Dancers, and they were extraordinary, doing two minutes of synchronized street-dance moves, using about thirty dancers. Whoa, were they ever good. But as good as they were, the second act, Snoop Dog with his dancing ensemble, were as bad. How in the world can someone like Snoop Dog win over enough devoted followers to make it in the music world? I don’t have a clue.

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