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Wednesday, December 9

Noise and DeNiro


I pulled this photo out of a desk calendar for next year and thought it was so clever a simile I had to show it off. I wonder why no one would claim to have said it first. Or maybe it's such a common thought it's universal. The "less noise" part is what strikes me the most. Today, we have entirely too many people making too much noise with their cell phones, babbling at people on the other end who don't want to listen to the drivel; the non-listener on the other end just wants his turn to turn on the drivel. I guess a case could be made that what I'm doing right now is adding to the drivel. Call it blog noise.

We went to see Everybody's Fine, with Robert DeNiro. For some reason, I thought it was going to be a light comedy. It wasn't. In fact the first 80 minutes were really a downer, centering on an aging DeNiro trying to connect with his children, who lie to him in order not to disappoint him. It was a role intended to pay homage to DeNiro the actor, with a lot of closeups to show emotional turmoil. And he was good, don't get me wrong, but the movie altogether was no better than the three stars our reviewer gave it. Next up will be The Road.

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