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Saturday, December 12

The Sleaze Trough

I watched the NBC show last night that discussed and disected what's happened to Tiger Woods, and was so angered that I wrote the following letter to Entertainment Weekly:

"NBC's Prime Time (Dec. 11) on Tiger's dilemma managed to out-sleaze even The National Enquirer--innuendo, unsupported "evidence" cited by several of the bimbos interviewed, and suppositions about what may or may not have happened, what Tiger may or may not do about what happened. The National Enquirer is known for its unsupported exposes, but NBC didn't need to join it in the sleaze trough. Shame on you, NBC."

I would absolutely hate to see Tiger take more than three months off to put his life and house in order. I want him in this year's Masters, I want him to pursue his golf dream, I want to be able to see it all. All right, so he disappointed me and the rest of the world by his "transgressions," his "infidelity." The world has not yet heard just how extensively he transgressed. I don't care. I and the world need him doing what he does best. If I can no longer admire him as a human being, I can still admire him as possibly the best, most skilled athlete in the world. Please, Tiger, don't stay away too long.

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