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Thursday, December 31

New Year's Eve

The mouse might have represented me in years past, but not anymore. We haven't seen the ball drop anywhere but in New York for several decades. Ten o'clock, ball drops, we say a quiet "Happy New Year" to each other, and then we go to bed. The next day we begin a new year, in this case, a new decade as well as year.

And what will I be doing in this coming year? Probably seeing even more doctors. I'm scheduled to see someone at the Boswell Wound Care Center in ten days. I have a hole in my left calf that just doesn't want to heal. My left leg, my "sinister" leg, is still so ugly I'd like to have them cut it off below the knee and fit me for a stainless steel prosthetic. That would take care of the ugliness. My dermatologist has prescribed various topical creams to apply, the latest 60 gram tube costing $77. Not quite as expensive as the Efudex I used about six months ago, but still pretty pricey. That leads me to the topic of pharmaceutical companies, but I'd better not go into my usual tirade about that. Where was I? Oh, yes, my medical plans for 2010. In two weeks I see my primary physician, who will probably refer me to an orthopedist about my shoulders. I seem to have acquired an inflammation in the tendons attaching to my shoulders that won't let me raise my arms more than shoulder high without screaming. So, to avoid startled looks from folks in the grocery store, I try not to raise them above my shoulders. I've become just a marvel of medical conditions. I'm hoping, therefore, that this new year, on whose doorstep we now find ourselves, will be one of medical solutions for me. That's not too much to ask.

And may any readers I may have find the new year equally profitable and healthy.

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