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Thursday, December 10

Tiger, Tiger, Burning Not So Bright

Okay, time to address the Tiger incident. Up to now, all that’s come out has been National Enquirer-like innuendo, and most of it pretty vicious stuff. We can all agree that he and Elin had a marital fight about something, probably sexual “transgressions” (Tiger’s word). And yes, his public image up to now has been pristine, unnaturally so (except for his occasional spitting and mouthing profanities when he’s miked on the course), his private image hidden behind a billion dollar cloak of invisibility. But the bimbos who are appearing, proclaiming their tawdry relationships with Tiger, are probably just looking for the notoriety and a possible payoff. Or maybe they’re all telling the truth or partial truths, though I doubt it. Those are really big bucks in his treasure trove and the sharks are circling.

Then there are the many who, from the very start of Tiger’s career, have wanted him to fail, and if not fail, at least to fall on his face a few times, either on the golf course or in the public eye. And who are these many? Mostly the rednecks who resent his skin color. Yup, there are still too many of those around, the same ones who really really want Obama to screw up, just to prove that a black man or woman can’t possibly run this country as well as a white man can.

I’m going to wait it out and see what truth finally appears, as though it’s any of our business in the first place. But that’s the price famous people must pay, giving up all or part of their privacy. I’m hoping that it will only tarnish his reputation as a person I’ve long admired, not destroy it. I want him to continue his journey to the pinnacle of golf, the records that will stand for a very long time if he doesn’t let this take him down. I want to see him there, as the golfer I’ve put on a pedestal, even if he’s no longer the person I so admired.

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