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Saturday, July 23

Golf Disappointments

Two golf disappointments: Tiger Woods and Michelle Wie.

Tiger recently gave Steve Williams his walking papers, and from the sounds of Steve, it was totally unexpected . . . and disloyal. If what Steve says is true, then Tiger has slipped monumentally in my regard. I once considered him one of the people I most admired, well spoken, handsome, honest (or so I thought). And then the tragic November incident and all the ugliness that followed. And now this seeming disloyalty to his friend of twelve years, Steve Williams. I, like a lot of other golf fans, will probably still root for him when and if he gets back on tour, but it will be with mixed emotions. We will no longer smile and hoot with him when he makes a long snake for birdie to win whatever tournament he’s in. We’ll watch and consider how it writes another chapter in a career that could have been, should have been, wonderful.

Then there’s Michelle Wie, who I and everyone else thought would be the female Tiger. She’s tall and beautiful, and wonderfully skilled as a golfer. But what could be going on inside that pretty little head of hers, causing her so often to pout that little pout with those pretty little lips? She seems to be missing that most important ingredient in a golf game—the five inches between the ears. She’s still young and could still live up to her potential, but I’m beginning to doubt if it will ever happen.

How disappointing, Tiger. How disappointing, Michelle.

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