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Saturday, July 30

Tiger & Debt Ceiling

Tiger is returning next week at the Bridgestone Invitational in Akron, and golf fans all over the world will be watching to see if he’s the old Tiger or some new version. The tv ratings will be twice what they would have been if he hadn’t decided to show up. I can hardly wait. He’ll be rusty so I don’t look for anything like a win, but Tiger’s Tiger, and he may just do it for the eighth time at this Ohio venue. We’ll see.

The August 2nd deadline for the two political parties’ either putting up or shutting up looms. The Republicans led by John Boehner are still trying to get passed an amendment for a balanced federal budget. If they’re successful, our nation could fall into a depression as deep as or deeper than the Thirties chasm. They keep arguing that the federal budget should be the same as any family’s budget: don’t spend more than you take in. But that comparison doesn’t work. The federal government is in the business of keeping the nation afloat, and that requires spending dollars we may or may not have. We simply can’t allow such an amendment to pass. Then there are the Republicans who don’t want any tax increases, especially on the filthy rich, like those individuals and corporations making millions and billions of dollars annually. When I see what some CEO’s make each year, the numbers are so large they don’t make sense. C’mon, boys and girls, let’s not allow our nation to default on its loans. Raise the debt limit to a level that would allow our nation to keep running as it has been.

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