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Wednesday, July 27

Horrible Bosses

And I thought Sandford’s Preys were full of blue language. We just saw Horrible Bosses and I thought my ears were going to fall off. It was hilarious, but oh so blue. Let’s see, there were plenty of F-bombs, and a whole bunch of MF-bombs, C1-bombs, C2-bombs, P1-bombs, P2-bombs, and quite a few bombs of various other colors and designations. I’ll leave you to figure out what they all might have been. But, as I said, it was hilarious. And of an audience of about forty, only three got up and walked out. When I first saw the title, I thought it was going to be a tribute to Rose Putz, my former boss at Stardust, but she wasn’t mentioned. The three bosses in the film were so horrible that their three employees decided there was only one way to get out from under them (and in the case of the dentist played by Jennifer Anniston, her dental assistant, played by Charlie Day, really was under her)—hire someone to kill them. So they went to the nastiest bar in town and found M-F Jones, played hilariously by Jamie Foxx, who, for $5,000, told them how to do it but wouldn’t do it for them. The rest of the plot involved their misguided attempts at murder. It was all pretty much obvious, but how they got to the obvious ending was pretty funny. And along the way, Bobby (Jason Sudeikis), when he first sees the wife of Nick’s (Jason Bateman’s) horrible boss (Kevin Spacey), says, “I’d like to bend her over a barrel and show her the fifty states.” To which, Bobby says, “What does that mean?” And the audience echoes that thought about nearly everything in the movie, “What does that mean?” But it was hilarious.

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