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Tuesday, December 13

Rain & The Descendents

We've had a two-day drizzle here in the Valley, most unusual. I can't remember any time in the years we've been here that the skies simply closed down and the gray drippers commenced. Back in upstate New York, this kind of day wasn't at all unusual. In fact, way too often we might have two, three days, even a full week of gray skies and drippiness. But never until now have we had it here. Usually, the rains we get are from fast-moving cells that fly over us and drench us with a twenty minute downpour. This London stuff feels sort of welcome for a change. And we certainly need the moisture.

And since we had no other pressing business, we went, finally, to see Clooney do his Clooney thing in The Descendents. We're both glad we did. It was a low key, gorgeous presentation of Hawaii in all its beauty. And George did himself proud with his moving portrayal of a man trying to find his way after his wife's water accident and subsequent coma, a condition from which, the doctor told George, she would never awaken. It's the story of a man who reunites with his two daughters, who learns of his wife's infidelity, who tracks down the man with whom she was unfaithful. A really simple story told simply. And it was worth five stars and may even win an Oscar for best picture. And George may also win for best actor. I hope so.

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