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Thursday, January 17

Guns Again

Here I am, beating that same old drum again, just as is nearly everyone else who has an opinion to express regarding “gun control.” It’s less a matter of controlling guns than of controlling who should be able to buy guns. It’s less about controlling all guns than of controlling those awful assault rifles that fire so many bullets in such a short time. Gun owners fear that any move to ban some kinds of guns could result in a ban on all guns. That’s an unreasonable assumption. Neither President Obama nor those who agree with him want to take all guns away from all people. A background check on buyers is reasonable and in no way infringes on the Second Amendment. A limit on the size of magazines is reasonable and in no way infringes on the Second Amendment. Fish and Game departments have for a long time set a limit on the number of shells a hunter of birds can have in his shotgun, and no hunter cries foul (or fowl) because it infringes on his Second Amendment rights. According to the following poll, a majority of Americans believe that some action must be taken. A majority. Doesn’t that suggest that we really SHOULD do something about gun violence? A majority of us say yes.
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