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Saturday, January 19


The nominations are out and there are at least three that got overlooked that shouldn’t have been . . . overlooked, that is. And one inclusion that never should have been . . . included, that is. Nine movies up for best, with Beasts of the Southern Wild one of them, yet there was no Moonlight Kingdom. How is that possible? I still can’t understand how Beasts has gotten such raves from so many people. Did I miss something? There was no story, or at least very little story. And the 6-year-old who played Hushpuppy was adorable. But let’s face it, she was only six. And somehow or other Quvenzhane Wallis (try to fit your tongue around that name) is one of the five women (women?) nominated for best actress. How is THAT possible? I would think that the other four might find her nomination offensive. How in the world can anyone compare what this little girl did to what Jennifer Lawrence, Naomi Watts, Emmanuelle Riva, or Jessica Chastain did in their respective films? Especially Jessica Chastain, who WILL win for best actress for what she did in Zero Dark Thirty. Then there are the oversights for best director. Benh Zeitlin, the very young director of Beasts of the Southern Wild, has been nominated, and Ben Affleck for Argo and Kathryn Bigelow for Zero were overlooked. Where in the world were the Academy voters looking? Rosalie had not seen Zero Dark Thirty and I thought she should. So we went, she for the first time, I for the second. Was I bored seeing it again after only a week? Not on your life. It was as powerful and tense this time as last time. Amazing. Great story, great film, great Jessica Chastain, great Kathryn Bigelow. And if, for some weird reason, young Miss Wallis should be named as best actress, I will never again watch an Academy Awards. Oscar can just go play with his golden self.
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