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Thursday, November 18

Dusty Garfield

Unless you have a cat or two, you won’t really understand this Garfield strip. I am owned lock stock and barrel by one of our cats, Dusty. Quite a few years ago I made the grievous error of feeding him soft cat food, and ever since, that’s about all he wants to eat. But the feedings require that he get only a little bit at a time, just enough for him to finish it all in one feeding. Otherwise, whatever is left over is left forever. I mean, he wouldn’t bring himself to eat food that’s become unfresh, would he? Absolutely not. Which brings me to my current problem. Before we go to bed, I give him food and he eats it. But two hours later he wants more, demands more. If we go to bed at 10:00, I know that he’ll bug me at midnight to get up and feed him. Which I do. Then again at 2:00, and 4:00, and 6:00. And if I try to ignore him, he will sit near my head, his face about two inches from my ear, and whine in a really obnoxious Garfield way until I finally relent and get up to feed him. Yes, just like the times when we had a new born who required nightly feedings, Dusty is now our new born. But new borns grow up and out of this nocturnal need. Dusty doesn’t. I am truly owned by him, and though I love him dearly, I wish I’d never started him on soft food. Too late now.

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