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Tuesday, November 2

Election Day, Foreskin, and Taylor Swift

Thank heavens today has finally arrived. That means that last night was the last night we’ll have to look at all those attack ads by one pharmaceutical company or another. Oh, wait, those aren’t attack ads, they’re those annoying ads telling us about side effects, especially if something lasts longer than four hours. I guess we may have to suffer through those forever. I really mean all those annoying political ads telling us about negative side effects if we make the wrong choice at the polls. But then, this will be only a temporary reprieve since one year down the road they’ll begin again. My only hope for this election is that none of the Sarah Palin pals win any seats anywhere except in an Alaskan outhouse.

Quick note about my unhealable wounds. In two weeks we’re going to try one last, very expensive treatment--putting live foreskin tissue in the wounds to encourage skin cells to get busy filling them in. I hope it works, but I do wonder if I were later to take Viagra or Cialis if my left leg would stiffen up on me. For over four hours.

Prediction: The rise to superstardom for Taylor Swift will be nearly as swift as the rise of Barbra forty-four years ago. This is a young woman who’s got it all together at twenty—looks, talent, sense of humor, and a quiet confidence in her abilities that doesn’t require her to shout it to the world. She may not be as good a singer as Barbra, but she’ll become a better actor and command as much attention and money as Barbra. Let’s just hope she doesn’t become as obnoxious as Barbra is reported to be on a set.

Rose is back. Maybe Two-and-a-Half Men can be saved after all.

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