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Wednesday, November 17

Unstoppable & Oddities

We went to Harkins to see Unstoppable today, and even though we already knew that nasty runaway train really was stoppable, the tension was palpable as we watched Denzel and Chris Pine interact and finally bring the behemoth to a halt. The story was pretty thin, but the action shots Tony Scott filmed—the increasing speed of the missile, Denzel and Chris’s dancing around on and under the 70+ mph train, and the audience’s realization of what exactly might have happened if the train had not been stopped—were enough to make this a most enjoyable thrill ride. And besides, I’d gladly watch Denzel just sitting somewhere, discussing life and times. He wouldn’t even need to move, just sit there.

Two oddities in the mail today. I got a check from Xlibris, the company that published my books, for $.57. That’s right, fifty-seven cents. The letter informed me that it had to do with Google whenever someone clicked on one of my books. Not to buy one, just to show a “click’s worth of interest.” Fifty-seven cents. I’ve decided to keep it as a souvenir and not cash it. The other strange thing in the mail: a few days ago I went online to find out where to order some litmus strips to check our pH levels, see how acidic (bad) or alkaline (good) we were. There was a company in Scottsdale that made a product called pHIon Balance. So I ordered a bottle of ninety strips. It arrived today and when I looked at the bill, it said it had been shipped from, of all places, Mobridge, South Dakota. How coincidental is that? Mobridge is a tiny town in the middle of the country, the birthplace of both Rosalie and me, and of all the tiny towns in the U.S. our hometown was the shipping origin of the test strips. It truly is a small world.

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