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Tuesday, November 16


In this year’s Christmas letter I wrote about all the technological possibilities in the next ten years. It never occurred to me to mention flight like you see in the photo below. I’d never heard of such a thing as jet wings until I saw this in a recent National Geographic. Man has always desired to fly like a bird, trying all kinds of crazy methods, right from Icarus and his wax wings that melted on him to the Wright boys at Kitty Hawk to the present-day tiny ultra-lights. But plane flight isn’t quite the same dream as flying like a bird with only wing-like arms to sustain one. I remember not long ago seeing on a Sixty Minutes segment the crazies who jumped from mountain tops to sail down cliff walls frighteningly fast, like para-gliders, nylon wings from arms to hips. But as you can see in the photo, this is truly Iron-Man technology.

And in the same magazine, they spoke of the fastest automobile, capable of going over a thousand miles an hour. Whoa! How could a car going that fast even keep tires on the surface? I’d think it would just go airborne for a thousand yards at a time, sort of bouncing along like a grasshopper.


We’ll see such wonders in the near future as we can’t even dream them.

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