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Thursday, May 26

Finally the Final Idol & Spitting

No surprises this week. I called it over a month ago, and now we have a country Idol winner, Scotty McCreery. Certainly not the best contestant, and he won't ever make it as big as Carrie Underwood on the country side, but he'll be around for the next forty or fifty years, near the top of the country charts. Now, keep track of them and see if you ever again hear anything about Hayley or Lauren. I'm betting you won't. I was always surprised that none of the judges heard the Janis Joplin side of Hayley's voice. Not all the time, but every now and then she would let out a Joplin screech. But I was never a Joplin fan, so I can't say much good about Hayley. At least the thirteen that go on tour will have a nice mix of voices, and when they sing as a group they sound very good. I'm still disappointed in the final choice, though.

Last year I wrote about athletes who spit, especially about Tiger's occasional stream for the tv audience. And a lot of viewers and sports writers let him know about it. How unsightly, how déclassé, they said. How . . . ungolfsmanlike. Since then, I've noticed quite a few of the young golf guns doing the same. Why? For that matter, why do the young baseball players continue a spitting tradition tha began back when almost all ball players kept a cheek full of chew. Now, most of them involve their mouths with bubblegum and sunflowers seeds. Yet they continue to expectorate again and again and again, all in plain view of the tv cameras. How can they work up that much saliva? I don't know. But I still must say, please, golfers and baseball players, keep it in your mouths. We don't need to see your gobs of goobers.

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