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Tuesday, May 17

Weather Here and There

It’s a chilly Tuesday morning here in Sun City West. The arbor vitae in back are doing their slow dance, bobbing and weaving in the morning breeze, and the doves are hoo hooing all over the place. Last night around 1:00 or 2:00, we were awakened by the sounds of a coyote party only a few house up from us. Some poor rabbit probably bit the dust. And then our wakeup call at 6:00, that lead-headed woodpecker who enjoys sending his message by way of our metal eves troughs.

When I say chilly, I mean it’s only in the upper sixties, rising into the seventies later on. Way below our average for this time of year, but still pretty wonderful. When I think of all the weather related tragedies around the world, around the country, I thank my stars again for living here in the Valley of the Sun. The storms that devastated the Southeast a month ago and now the flooding along the Mississippi must be just awful for the residents affected. The only good thing to be said about both disasters is that they will create many jobs rebuilding those areas. I’m not sure where all the money will come from, but the jobs should put a little life into our ailing economy. Let’s hope so.

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