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Saturday, May 21

Idol & A Final Trump

Okay, one last poke at American Idol and then I’m done. Despite the really fantastic and expensive set for this season’s shows, despite what they’re spending on outfits for the contestants, despite the level of professionalism they’ve instilled in the contestants, despite their doing away with the waving arms in the first rows--despite all that, I still find too much that’s sort of offensively low class about the production. Wouldn’t it be classy to see JLo come out in a floor-length gown instead of those tiny skirts that reveal everything but her crotch? Wouldn’t it be classy to see Stephen Tyler without lipstick on his pouty lips and feathers in his hair? Wouldn’t it be classy to see Randy in an actual suit and tie? Wouldn’t you like to punch Ryan in the mouth every time he flashes that phony new smile he’s found? All right, I’m nitpicking. But still. Idol has become an end-of-Main Street carnival instead of a Cirque du Soleil performance. And the popularity vote that now has ascended to nearly 100 million just can’t do justice to real musical talent. James Durbin was on the Ellen Show last week, singing “While My Guitar Gently Weeps.” Wow. And the audience went “wow” also. The one comment Randy was never able to make about James, “You were pitchy in a few spots.” That’s because James has perfect pitch, even in those stratospheric notes he somehow manages to hit. He can also sing any style, not just Metal. Did you hear him two weeks ago when he sang a duet with Scotty? His country sounded better and more countrified than Scotty’s. And next week we get to see which one wins it all—Lauren or Scotty. How can either of them be compared to James Durbin? They can’t. But Scotty will win because he’s so very very cute. Because millions of little oooing girls will vote for him 54 millions times. What a shame. Give a listen to James when he sang “Guitar” on Idol. There’s your real Idol winner.

And one last shot at the Trumpster. Benson got it right this week.

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