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Friday, May 13

Idol & Tiger

Well, they did it. The 72 million voters on American Idol, that is. Last night James Durbin got voted off, leaving three, at best, weak sisters—Lauren, Scotty, and, weakest of all, Haley. And next week, Haley will go. What a dumb finale that will be, with Country Boy Scotty and Thunder Thighs Lauren. And guess what, Scotty will be the winner. Bad outcome, dumb season. I swear, and I mean it this time, I will not watch Season 11. I won’t, I won’t, I won’t! Not even to see how much bigger and more offensive Ryan Seacrest’s smile will become. Last night’s results show made it even more obvious what the state of current pop music has become. Jordan Sparks returned to scream out a JLo-like number called “I Am Woman,” really dumb lyrics to a frenetic dance and pelvic-thrusting. And the new song by Lady Gaga, whom I think of more as Lady Gag Gag. And the new music video by Stephen Tyler, who, I think, has even bigger lips than Mick Jagger. Where have good taste and good lyrics gone? About as extinct as the dodo bird.

How disappointed I was at the news of Tiger’s withdrawal from the Players’ Championship. How the mighty have fallen. Discounting all the rednecks who are dancing gleefully over his demise, I and quite a few other golf fans just can’t maintain much interest in any tournament in which he’s not contending. Can he ever get it back? Or even a portion of it back? Maybe not. Maybe he should work on cutting back on his swing, become a David Toms who executes around a course. Anything just to get him back.

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