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Tuesday, May 24

Innocents Lost

Tom Selleck's Innocents Lost was very good, and faithful to the Parker style--lots of abbreviated dialogue, lots of Paradise rainfall, just enough rough stuff to keep it interesting. And Selleck's plot left room for several more episodes to follow. Jesse still doesn't have his job back but tells Rose he wants it back. Suit has quit the force to help Jesse. The new sherrif of Paradise police, the son-in-law of a town councilman, is vile enough that the viewer really wants to see his comeupance. Jesse is still battling the Scotch bottle. Ex-wife Jen is still hanging around, if only in a brief phone coversation with Jesse, and hanging onto Jesse's heart. And Reggie, the soulful-eyed Goldem Retiever, will continue to watch Jesse soulfully until the two of them bond. I can't wait for the next one. I do, however, miss the potential union of Jesse and Sunny Randall, but that will probably never happen. One last observation: Selleck looks much better and more natural as Jesse Stone than he does as the black-haired, black eye-browed, black-moustachiod police commissioner on Blue Bloods.

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