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Friday, August 19

30 Minutes or Less

Jesse Eisenberg, you should have been social networking and instead chose to do this bit of rubbish called 30 Minutes or Less. Shame on you, shame on your co-stars, shame on the writer, shame on the director and producer. It might better have been called 30 Seconds or Sooner and Then We All Walk Out. I’m not a prude, and four-letter words and sex scenes don’t bother me as long as they’re necessary to the plot or the characters, but when they’re just sprinkled in for a youthful audience’s titillation I get angry. This plot needed far more than bang-crash auto wrecks and titillation to make it excusable as a film. I can’t even comment on the plot because it made no sense, created no believable characters, but will probably make a bunch of cash. Just another indication of the stupidity of the nation’s audiences. Trust me. Don’t go see this movie.

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