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Friday, August 12

Dance, Tiger, & The Help

Well, I called the Dance results right. Now I can only hope I get to see Melanie again somewhere. I think I'm in love. I fall in love so easily.

I think I'm out of love with Tiger. Well, not really. But after these first two rounds at the PGA, he's demonstrated that his game is totally in the tank. And I know how much that pleases a bunch of my redneck Sun City Westers. And they aren't pleased because of his grievous mistake a year and a half ago; they're pleased because they detest his blackness, his apparent arrogance. Ah well, they're welcome to the poison in their souls.

We were looking forward to seeing The Help and we were both slightly disappointed in it. We both felt that the seriousness of the theme deserved a more serious presentation. There was just too much colorful (absolutely no pun intended) levity in the plot. The acting of Viola Davis and Octavia Spencer was good, but I can't say the same for the others, especially Emma Stone. I loved her in Stupid Crazy Love, but just barely liked her in this one.

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