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Monday, August 8

New Design & Old Tiger

I wanted to insert a hit counter on my blog, and in order to do so I had to change my template. I didn't really want to change it, but this one looks pretty good. So I guess I'll stick with it. I keep thinking that working on a blog should be relatively simple, but it isn't. Or maybe I'm just stupid. Amazing how much one has to learn these days to stay up with all the technological advances. The Net is fun, but oh so complicated . . . and getting more so every day.

The weekend gave me my first chance to see Tiger back on tour, and although he looked pretty rusty, especially with the putter, he looks all right. Just look at the people he was ahead of in the field at Akron. And the crowds were positive. I expected some hostility, judging by all the rednecks who live in my town, but he's been treated well by most people. We just don't have the same degree of admiration we once had. Or at least, I had. This week's PGA Championship will be his second test.

Time for another picture, not one of my cats, but one I wouldn't mind having.

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