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Saturday, August 13

Arizona Beauty

We live in a place that has such grand diversity in geograpy, but also in its weather and skies. I took this in 1998, seeing for the first time in my life a double rainbow. And I think we found not one but two pots of gold. And thirteen years later we still consider outselves golden to be living here.

One of the negative weather conditions in the area is the occasional dust storm. This one happened in 1997, the first such phenomenon we'd ever seen. Although they're not common, this year we've had two so far, the first in mid-July, when the cloud was a mile high, over a hundred miles across as it swept over Phoenix from the south, leaving all outdoor pools filled with sandy muck. A mess, yes, but still a beautiful display of nature's beauty.

Then there are the clouds. During the monsoon season, they pile up like huge clumps of whipped cream. Wow, that simile stinks. How about, like giant heads of cauliflower? Nah. White cotton candy on palm sticks? Help me out, someone. Give me something better than those three sorry tries.

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