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Wednesday, August 10

The Beaver & No News

We watched Jodi Foster’s The Beaver last night. Not in a theater, because Dan Harkins kept it exclusively at an east Valley site, and then it vanished. So I ordered it through DirectTV. An unusual film to say the least, but no matter how the public has turned against Mel Gibson, no matter how he’s nearly destroyed his image with the nasty things he’s said and done, Gibson is still a hell of an actor. And that truly awful little beaver he comes to wear on his left arm is really Gibson, acting in both capacities, the depressed toy store owner and the dictatorial beaver, who leads him by the arm (pun intended) back to some sort of sanity. Although Jodi Foster was in the film as Gibson’s wife, it’s really Gibson’s one-man/beaver show. I hope he gets nominated for best actor, but he probably won’t. He’s made just too many enemies in the film industry.

There’s nothing in the news worth commenting on. What could I say about the economy that hasn’t already been said? What could I say about the feuding between Steve Williams and Tiger Woods, both of whom have sort of had their feet in their mouths, Williams looking like an arrogant oaf in his comments about “his” win last weekend at the Bridgeport in Akron, Tiger displaying his usual “everything’s great” image in interviews? Let’s just get through the PGA this weekend and then let the year run its course until we can get back to business as usual in Augusta for the 2012 Masters. There, for someone with almost nothing to say about Tiger and Williams, I said quite a bit.

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