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Tuesday, November 8

Penn State & the NBA

What a mess in Pennsylvania. Sexual predation other than in the Catholic Church. And the same kind of cover-up as in the church. Joe Paterno, the sanctified coach at Penn State, won’t be able to escape the repercussions. Nor will most of the hierarchy at the college. The outcome is yet to be decided. But that leads me to the act itself. What causes otherwise good people to commit such heinous acts? What sort of sexual drive could cause people (not just men) to need such satisfaction that they cause lifelong harm to their young charges, could jeopardize their own lives and reputations? I don’t have a clue. Possibly some day, soon, I hope, we’ll have an answer and be able to spot potential aberrant behavior in time to stop it before it rears its ugly head.

This may seem like an odd departure from the topic above. The NBA looks more and more like there won’t be a 2011-12 season, not even part of a season. Who cares? The squabbling over money by players and owners seems perverse at a time when too many people can’t find jobs, when too many people are on welfare, when too many people are living below the poverty level. Who cares if they play basketball ever again? Not me. Nor most of the other fans and non-fans of professional basketball. I’ll miss Steve Nash this year, but I’ll learn to live without him.

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