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Saturday, January 28

Abu Dhabi Tiger

It was nice to see Tiger possibly getting back to his old form at Abu Dhabi. On the golf course, that is. His form off the course doesn’t need to be revisited. He seems to be swinging pain free, and without most of the uglies that have plagued him these last two years. His putting in the third round looked solid, unlike the not-so-solid putting in the first two rounds. I know how a lot of viewers complain about all the tv coverage Tiger gets, but the truth is, the other lot of us WANT to see him play. I know my interest level jumps to about 100% whenever he’s in the hunt, and when he isn’t, or when he isn’t even entered in a tournament, my interest drops to about 5%. I’ve even discovered that Charlie loves golf, and he especially loves to watch Tiger. Yes, Charlie, that really is Tiger's name up there on the leaderboard.

Now and then, when Tiger’s ball is in flight, Charlie will try to help it along. But he loves watching just about anybody, and he's quite a student of the game.
So, Tiger, both I and Charlie wish you well. And welcome back to the leader board.
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