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Tuesday, January 31

Exploring the Net

I keep learning about what one can do on the Internet, the information available, the storage space for all kinds of creative efforts, the sharing of such efforts or thoughts with the millions of people now on Facebook and Twitter. For example, I wanted to see if I could insert an audio player widget onto my blog, so I did a search and stumbled onto SoundCloud, a site that allows me to join and then download music from my files, or record music or sounds or spoken text which I can then insert onto my blog. And there doesn’t seem to be any limit in terms of space I can use. The ether seems to be limitless. And almost all of the six billion of us think we have something important to contribute to the rest of the world: deathless prose or musical creations or feats of legerdemain or amazing athleticism. That seems to be what YouTube is all about, a place to download audio or video files that we hope others will see and exclaim over. We all want our fifteen minutes of fame, right now, and then fifteen more. I’m still trying to figure out how to use the SoundCloud download, but I did find a pretty good MP3 player from Amazon that I put in near the top of Doggy-Dog World. Any visitors might want to turn it on for a musical sound bite while they read. Oh yes, and while I was visiting SoundCloud, I tapped in to one of the blogs that was using it to display their musical efforts. Here is Kyle Mooney performing one of her creations, "Miami Sky." I love all that sound equipment, the keyboards and synthesizers, and she seems to be enjoying herself immensely.

All right, I figured out how to insert my SoundCloud player. See that bar at the bottom of your screen? And the orange "play" button and a button for "next track" or "previous track?" I seem to have a number of tracks by a group called seams. Try it out and listen to all the New Age music there. And next time, I'll be able to put in some of my favorite tracks.

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